X螢光光譜儀 X Fluorescence Spectrometer

ES 90002 可擕式能量色散X螢光光譜儀EDX-600 X Fluorescence Spectrometer
分析範圍 Measurement Range:1%-99%
測量精度 Precision up to:0.1%
測量元素 Measurement elements: Au,Ag,Cu,An,Ni,Pd.Rh,Cd,Ru
Test the coating thickness/precision:0.01um
重量 Weight:23Kg
測量時間 Measurement time:60-300(sec)
尺寸 Dimension:600*300*320mm
X射線源(X-Ray)  X射線光管(X-Ray tub) 探測器Detect source 正比計數管 Proportional counter

ES 90001 水比重測金機 Gold Tester
By calculating the weight and density to determine the nature of the metal and its respective content,suitable for gold0-24K)、platinumPT750-PT1000and silver901%-100%

 MC 80063金屬探測器 Handhold Metal Detector
Detect all ferrous and nonferrous metal. Can choose different alerts: sound, light, sound+ light and different sensitivity, Built-in whistle.
Power 電源:9V battery(Can last 120 hours 可用120小時)

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